Pitbulls and Posies Logo For Web-03


Who they are?:  Pitbulls + Posies (Amber Moon)

What they do?:  Passionately recreate your love story through a creative whirlwind of custom print and design materials

Why we LOVE them?:

a)  Amber can take a design concept for a wedding or event and totally blow us away with her gifting of coming up with something that perfectly compliments our vision.

b)  If you want to print on wood, etch in glass, or have acrylic cut-outs, Pitbulls + Posies will do it….she loves that stuff!

c)  Even if you are struggling to put into words the look you are going for, Amber has a rare gift of being able to fill in the blanks for you and design something to totally suits your style.

d)  Amber is hands down one of the sweetest people of all time!  There’s no way you can’t love her!

Where you can find them?:  For inquiries you can contact the lovely Amber Moon here…  also make sure you follow her on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook