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Who they are?:  Pharmacie L.A.  

What they do?:  They passionately share their love for finely crafted cocktails at weddings or pretty much any event where consumption of adult beverages is involved.

Why we LOVE them?:

a)  The are not hard on the eyes

b)  They add to the ambiance of your event with their excitement at doing what they do.  We promise they will be a huge hit for your guests.

c)  Tastings with them are epic.  Tal (the owner) provides such a personal experience and his love and passion for creating shines through.

d)  All their ingredients are fresh and made from scratch, so you know you are drinking quality!

Where you can find them?:  For tastings and event inquiries you can find them here…  also make sure you follow them on Instagram… @pharmacie_la