Wow is the only word that comes to mind when I think about the journey to get to this point.  I consider myself extremely blessed to finally be able to announce my venture out into the world as a business owner…something I really didn’t think would happen so soon.  The most amazing part is being able to look back and see how much the past has shaped both me as well as my abilities to be ready to take on such a huge task.

Speaking honestly, the thought of going out on my own was anxiety producing.  For the past 3 years, I have been working alongside my friend Jesi (of Jesi Haack Design) as her lead wedding planner.  What an extreme honor this has been to be poured into by such a creatively talented person like Jesi.  She showed me the ropes, taught me about what made her so successful building her business, and even humbly helped me avoid some of the mistakes she had made during her building phase.

Although I gained so much knowledge, formed so many great relationships in the industry, and worked with so many amazing clients, breaking away to start my own business was a very scary concept.  It would mean taking on all the risk…it would mean having to take all the blame if I messed up…it would mean having to invest more time and energy in my job than I ever have in the past.

Not saying the fear has completely gone away, because I still have to figure out how to turn this into a successful business, but much of fear has since been replaced with an overwhelming sense of gratitude.  Gratitude for all the amazing people that have been so willing to offer their help.  Gratitude for the incredible words of encouragement freely offered by those in the industry I have so much respect for.  And gratitude for the clients who have already excitedly entrusted the success of the biggest day of their lives to me before my business has even officially launched!

Bottom line…I have the best job in the world!!  I live for the relationships I have formed with my clients and fellow wedding professionals.  My dream of owning my own wedding business is finally a reality and I cannot wait to see what this open door will bring for me and my family!

I love you all and I hope you are ready for The Love Riot!!


Owner – The Love Riot