My husband and I moved to Costa Mesa 5 years ago this month and instantly fell in love with the sense of community that exists here.  Also, being people who really love good food, we are equally smitten with the amount of awesome eateries, most of which are really targeting a community of regular patrons they can call by name, thereby adding to the sense of family in their restaurants.

Pitfire Pizza on 17th Street, Costa Mesa is one of these places.  Not only can you get delicious wood fired pizza for an affordable price, rad cocktails at their speakeasy bar Pie Society, and a well designed ambiance, but the amount of familiar faces you see each time you walk in is awesome!

I was so excited when, through a chance encounter with the GM while on a date with the hubs, we were giving the opportunity to do a mock up for their community kitchen space in the back.  We were able to put together an amazing team with my talented hubs Steve Cowell behind the lens, Corie of Status Designs heading up all florals and partnering with me on the design concepts, and Deltondo Creative whipping up some fantastic printed signs.

If any of you brides and grooms out there are looking for a great place to host your bridal party, rehearsal dinner, or just want an excuse to get a bunch of friends together for a fun night, Pitfire is a fantastic option!

Pitfire Mock-Up-3 Pitfire Mock-Up-14 Pitfire Mock-Up-18 Pitfire Mock-Up-20 Pitfire Mock-Up-22 Pitfire Mock-Up-23 Pitfire Mock-Up-24
Pitfire Mock-Up-26 Pitfire Mock-Up-28 Pitfire Mock-Up-38 Pitfire Mock-Up-39 Pitfire Mock-Up-41
Pitfire Mock-Up-65
Pitfire Mock-Up-96
Pitfire Mock-Up-98 Pitfire Mock-Up-102 Pitfire Mock-Up-103 Pitfire Mock-Up-107
Pitfire Mock-Up-116 Pitfire Mock-Up-120 Pitfire Mock-Up-131 Pitfire Mock-Up-132 Pitfire Mock-Up-133 Pitfire Mock-Up-135 Pitfire Mock-Up-142 Pitfire Mock-Up-143 Pitfire Mock-Up-144 Pitfire Mock-Up-152 Pitfire Mock-Up-174